Testa Vineyards is family farmed and operated since 1912!

Our Family

  • Maria Testa Martinson

    If you’ve ever been to Testa, you’ve most likely met my wonderful Mom, Maria! She is our wine maker, accountant, manager, landscape artist, mom, wife, Nawnie, backbone, consultant, voice of reason, and the other half behind chasing a dream and making Testa into a winery seven years ago with my Dad! She wears many hats and somehow holds us all together!

    Her loving spirit makes you feel at home and a part of our family instantly. She is so proud of our family history and loves telling the story of how Testa Vineyards came about! She also loves spending time in her garden with my nephew Tommy and enjoying any time she can with our growing family!
  • Rusty Martinson

    My amazing Dad, Rusty (Clyde). Those of you who have seen him at events at the ranch probably know him as our BBQ master, but like my Mom, he does it all! He’s a dreamer and a doer, and he is by far the hardest working man I know. He is extremely proud, and he puts his full heart into everything he does. He is our lead farmer, and keeps our vineyards looking beautiful! He found his true passion in the ranch when he started helping my Nono (Jim Testa) back when he first met my Mom almost 30 years ago!

    My Dad has a heart of gold and loves his family, and being a Dad to us kids and Grandpa to Tommy (who is his mini me)! He also just bought a GoPro, so hopefully we will have some #ClydeCam moments coming to you all soon!
  • Kasandra Martinson Brooks

    My name is Kasandra, I’m Maria & Rusty’s oldest daughter. I joined my family full time in the summer of 2017 and will be doing marketing and wine sales for Testa. I also help my Mom run all of our social media accounts, and our website which is a lot of fun! As you can tell all of our staff bios are from my point of view!

    I love sharing our family history, our wines and all the fun events we have at the ranch! I look forward to sharing even more behind the scene moments with you all so you can join us along the ride! Hope to see you at the ranch soon!
  • Kortney Martinson Morris

    My wonderful and feisty little sister, Kortney Rose! Kort is the artist of the family and our amazing graphic designer! She keeps us looking good and designs all of our labels and all graphics you see at Testa and on our social media sites! She helps me with marketing ideas and serves as a creative soundboard for all of us! After graduating from the Art Institute in Sacramento with her BS in Graphic Design she moved home and married her high school sweetheart Kyle Morris at the Ranch in May of 2016!

    They make a great team and also produce some beautiful reclaimed wood pieces together that we have available at the Tasting Room! They recently added their amazing baby boy, Tommy James to the family in March of this year- Kort’s little twin! He brings so much joy to their lives and to all of ours! My sister loves being a Mom, Kyle’s ❤, being creative and making handmade cards and water coloring! She is extremely loyal, loving and protective. There isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for her friends and family. Her middle name Rose comes from our Great Aunt Rose- whom she is just as feisty as! Kort wrote the back label for our Rose wine! Check it out next time you have a bottle!
  • Charlie Martinson

    My goofy, fun loving brother Charles- everyone calls him Charlie, Chuckles, Charlie Brown or Chuck (I’m sure I missed a few)! Charlie was named after our Great Uncle Charlie and has been driving a tractor since before he could drive. He does a lot of everything around the ranch- he farms the Home Ranch in Calpella and his Zinfandel on Road N and helps my Mom with the wine making process.He’s learned how to farm from my Nono and my Dad. He has an old soul and connects with all of the old farmers in the town.

    Safe to say Charlie knows how to have a good time and is funny as hell. He always has a smile on his face and enjoys his days to the fullest. He is always up to something and enjoying his time with his buddies who all help out on the ranch with the winemaking also- and the wine drinking! When he isn’t working on the ranch he’s driving his water truck or working on one of his old cars! He lives on our Road N ranch with his wolf pack of border collies and chickens 🙂 He has some crazy hair and loves being an uncle and cannot wait to teach Tom the ropes! If you’re ever at the ranch and Charlie is behind the wheel- be sure to HOLD ON tight!
  • Chad Martinson

    The baby of the family, my little brother Chad! Most of us call him Hooch or Hoochy, he has had the nickname since he was little from “his song” Chattahoochee! Hooch farms our entire hillside Cab ranch in Redwood Valley and helps out with Road N. He also does all of our crushing with Charlie and is our press master during harvest. Chad does a lot of our maintenance & construction on the ranch too!Hoochy is the quiet one in the family but that changes after a drink or two 🙂

    He is extremely loyal and protective of his loved ones. We always joke that he got all of the good genes in the family- because he really did! He’s a perfect mixture of my Papa Victor, Uncle Charlie and my Dad!He likes spending time at the shop working on his old trucks, hanging with Charlie and the boys and Johnny Cash! Even though we annoy him all the time he loves his family and especially being Uncle Hoochy to Tommy!

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