Simply Black & White Wines

From our family to yours, we produce the purest wines handcrafted by our family right here at Testa! For almost 10 years we have been sharing our Simply Black and White Wines with you all. These wines reflect the old days, back when grapes were simply black or white. All of our wines are balanced and full of flavor, keeping the value of tradition and promise alive. We hope you always enjoy your favorite food, friends & family!

What does it mean to be Simply Black & White?

Clean Crafted – Our wines are made in the most simple and purist form, with zero additives. What you are tasting is our grapes in their truest form. Not to mention it’s better for you too!

Natural Wine – We ferment our wines with native yeast, our sulfites are below organic bottling standards, and our wines are filtered.

Biodynamic – All of our ranches are farmed with a holistic & ecological, approach -free of chemicals and GMOs. Our clean wines start in the vineyard!

Family Farmed – Our ranches are farmed by our family, the boys farm the land, my mom is our winemaker and all hands are on deck for harvest. From vine to the bottle or family has our hands on the wines every step of the process.

Small Batch – All Testa wines are made in small batches right on site where our family has been farming since 1912!

Award-Winning – We are so proud of all the awards our wines have garnished. We know you LOVE our wines, but it feels so good to have professional wine judges love them too!

Dry Farmed – Farming the old vines is possible because
1) The vines are use to it.
2) Their roots are deep
3) Tilling of the fields keeps moisture from evaporating by creating a insulation for the soil.